Key Organisations we work with:


Change young lives with MyGo.

At MyGo we believe that the strength of our partnership network ensures we consistently stand out from the crowd.

We look for integrity, passion and innovation within our partners to ensure the journey that all of our customers take is exciting, meaningful and supportive in helping them move forward in life, skills and employment.

At MyGo we can:

  • Host open discussions for you to promote your services.

  • Provide drop-in sessions for you to supply your services to a young audience.

  • Host frequent local events for you to attend or exhibit at.

  • Provide rooms for training, courses, activities, presentations & 1-2-1 discussions



Let's get started!

If your organisation, like our partners above, shares our focus in supporting young people and transforming their lives, then we welcome you to get in touch with us!


Rosemary Turner
Partnership Manager

01473 226060
07435 970867