Travis was just looking for someone to give him a chance.

Having been in trouble with the police in the past, he was finding it difficult to move forward with his life, believing that many doors would now be closed to him. Determined to find work and make his parents proud, he turned to MyGo hoping that someone would show him the right path.

MyGo Coach, Estelle, was there to give some much needed personal career advice. Travis needed his Maths and English qualifications but further education was not a route he was willing to go down, wanting to put his negative experience of school behind him.

Estelle quickly realised that an Apprenticeship would be ideal for Travis to kick-start his career and worked to show him that such opportunities were in his grasp. Together they planned on how to achieve his goals, starting with writing a professional CV and the skills needed to give a top-notch interview.

Ready to take the next step, Travis was put forward for a Paint Sprayer role, an Apprenticeship sourced by our Employer Relationship Manager Richard. Travis is now thrilled to be earning and learning!

  Estelle  - MyGo Coach

Estelle - MyGo Coach

He had this to say of his MyGo experience: “I am so proud that I have a job to go to, thank you so much for everything you have done and all the help you have given me. I am really excited to be doing this.”

Estelle was just as happy: “Helping him to gain confidence over the months has been a rewarding time for both of us and this is why I love my job so much – Travis is a terrific young man who I am sure will do an amazing job on his apprenticeship and make himself, his parents and us all at MyGo really proud.”