Elliot Moves Off ESA & Into Employment

  Elliott Weavers  - MyGo Customer, 22, Ipswich

Elliott Weavers - MyGo Customer, 22, Ipswich

Apprenticeships can provide great entry points into the world of employment. Earning whilst learning, 22-year-old Elliott Weavers had completed his caretaking apprenticeship at a local school, but due to a lack of available vacancies couldn’t progress into full-time employment. Victim to his own kindness, Elliott had people taking advantage, staying in his own flat.

Already having to cope with ongoing battles with depression and anxiety, Elliott now had to deal with unemployment.

For over 3 years Elliott struggled with unemployment, seeking the support of medication alongside claiming ESA and JSA benefits. After losing all confidence in himself and his career prospects, Elliott found Denise, his coach at MyGo.

“When I first signed on for JSA I struggled to keep up with what I needed to do said Elliot. "But he never gave up" chimed in Denise.

  Denise Cornish  - MyGo Coach

Denise Cornish - MyGo Coach

Personal, 1-2-1 sessions with Denise provided Elliott with someone to listen to his story, understand his barriers and inspire new confidence in his skills and abilities. Denise also referred Elliott to MyGo partner Talent Match, who helped him to learn how to deal with his anxiety further. Together with Denise, he created a realistic Work and Career Plan, outlining gradual steps he would take to work towards rebuilding his career.

With his new ambitions of one day joining the army, Elliott felt like initially, he needed to work on feeling better about himself in a workplace scenario, and so started a Customer Service course to help prepare him for an initial job in retail.

Attending MyInfo (Job-Vacancy Information session) along with MyGo Employment Events, Elliott expressed interest in applying for a role at the new B&M store that had just opened. He attended a pre-screening session with MyGo ERM Chris Widdowfield, who created a mock interview scenario for Elliott to put his new skills to the test.

With Chris confident in his capabilities, Elliott was put forward to attend an interview for B&M, of which he successfully earned himself a 16-hour job contract. This week alone Elliott has worked 54 hours and is greatly enjoying his new-found employment.

“You just have to keep motivated” Elliott told us. “I would never have found the job at B&M without the support of MyGo.”

Elliott’s coach Denise has noted how incredibly impressed she is with the progress he has made “He is now more confident than ever. He’s happy and self-sufficient. I’m so proud of how far he has come.”

Elliott is continuing to enjoy his time working at B&M, with the goal of one day, when he’s ready, joining the army.

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