For most, getting up and leaving the house in the morning is a natural part of our day. Getting a bus or talking to cashiers are things we don’t think twice about, but for Chloe Brinkley, these are major hurdles that she has to overcome on a daily basis.

Suffering from learning difficulties, dyspraxia, dyslexia, severe anxiety and OCD, Chloe encountered issue after issue impacting her confidence and self-esteem. Facing continuous travel issues and falling victim to cyber-bullying, Chloe’s mum decided to pull her out of full-time education for her own wellbeing.

At only 18, NEET and lacking key functional skills and qualifications, Chloe and her mum didn’t know where to turn. Attending an initial appointment at Sudbury JobCentre Plus, they met MyGo Coach Sam, someone who would go on to reinvigorate Chloe’s aspirations and completely turn around her career opportunities.

Coach Sam established a strong level of trust with young Chloe, and with each face-to-face session they steadily improved her communication and employability skills.

With new employability skills and a brighter outlook on her career prospects, Sam referred Chloe to MyGo partner West Suffolk College, where she’s now undertaking key Maths and English qualifications that she currently lacks.

Identifying that Chloe’s interest in Nature and Wildlife, Chloe has now been referred to MyGo partner Green Light Trust, where she will take part in their outdoors focused confidence-boosting course. Learning key wildlife sustainability skills alongside others facing similar issues, she’ll also become better at socialising and working in group projects and gaining hands-on work experience.

“MyGo has helped me so much with my confidence and knowing there is someone there who wants to help me. Finding an organisation who has seen my journey through to the end is something I have not experienced before and for this I am thankful.” – Chloe

Sam had this to say on Chloe’s glowing progress on her time with MyGo:

“When Chloe first attended Sudbury JCP, she was a timid and quiet young lady who relied on her Mum to do the majority of the communication for her due to anxiety. Chloe is now a young lady who walks in with a smile on her face and enjoys bantering with both myself and her Mum. It is a pleasure to both work with Chloe and see the positive change and outcome for her.”

Whilst completing her current qualifications, Chloe is now actively seeking job opportunities in the Nature and Wildlife sector feeling ready and excited for work.

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