Unemployed, young, single parents; Abbie Long, Sharna Daley, Becky Groenewald, Adele Ford and Lauren Thaine all registered with MyGo looking for someone to listen to their needs and help them gain control of their lives.

It became quickly apparent to coach Tracy Wilson that as single parents these customers had very few opportunities available to them.

Realising that the girls all had similar interests and career aspirations in hair and beauty, Tracy turned to MyGo partner Opportunities Workshop for assistance.

A brand new Beauty traineeship was established, providing relevant qualifications, alongside key Maths and English skills, which the girls previously lacked. The course was arranged to take place outside school and nursery hours to ensure that the customers could provide their full commitment.

The customers immediately took to the course and absolutely loved every second of it.

“I enjoy the hair and beauty course, since I started I have gained more confidence, made friends and learnt a lot about what I love. The course is fun, easy going and enjoyable. The tutor is also great, makes us believe in ourselves and encourages me to do well.” Abbie Long

All of the girls managed to secure work placements with a local beauty studio and have the possibility of gaining permanent employment from the placements.

Coach Tracy, proud of the performance of her customers, had this to say: “All the girls have really grown during this course, they have achieved qualification, new skills but the most rewarding is seeing how they’ve grown in confidence.”

The girls all speak positively of the course and what they’ve gained from it.

“I’ve met a few girls which I thought were really friendly and easy to get on with! The course so far has been a laugh whilst learning, just a shame it has to end. The tutor is lovely and so laid back, helping us along the way.” Sharna Daley

“I really enjoyed this course because it opened up new opportunities for me. I’ve made new friends from this course and it taught me about beauty and customer service. I have enjoyed working with Ray with my functional skills and being taught by Natalie. I’m also looking forward to my work experience.” Becky Groenewald

The girls also went on to provide a Red Nose Day ‘Mini-Makeover’ helping to raise £200 for charity alongside MyGo.

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