“I really feel like I’ve come out of my bubble. MyGo has really helped with my anxiety, I practically skip my way there every Thursday!”

– Abbie Smith, MyGo customer

  Abbie Smith , 20, from Ipswich.

Abbie Smith, 20, from Ipswich.

When Abbie first stepped foot in MyGo with her mum, she was dealing with severe anxiety and depression. Unable to claim Universal Credit due to insufficient ID and paperwork, Abbie was feeling stressed and discouraged.

MyGo Coach Tracy really struggled to maintain contact with Abbie and was informed by her mum that she had ‘gone off the rails and wasn’t communicating at the moment’. Tracy persisted and continued to reach out to Abbie, eventually managing to arrange a face-to-face appointment at MyGo.

Aware of her nervousness about being in a busy and loud environment, Abbie was offered a quiet corner and a warm cup of tea to help her relax. Realising that her severe anxiety was going to be a major obstacle in Abbie’s career path, Tracy arranged for her to make a self-referral to MyGo partner Suffolk Wellbeing.

Alongside Tracy’s one-to-one coaching, support and advice, Abbie successfully completed her Stress Control course at Suffolk Wellbeing, followed by an Anxiety and Anger Management course at Suffolk Mind.

  Tracy Wilson , Abbie's Coach

Tracy Wilson, Abbie's Coach

Now that she was better equipped to deal with her anxiety issues, Tracy introduced Abbie to the Green Light Trust - Young Futures Project, an outdoors forest-based, team-building course organised by MyGo and their partner Green Light Trust. Together with other young adults in similar situations, Abbie learnt about wilderness survival, cooking, woodland art and sustaining wildlife. Whilst building confidence, communication and personal development skills, she had the time of her life.

 “Starting this project has really helped my mental problems and my relationship with my parents, who now have a better understanding of my issues, says Abbie. “I’m finally able to let people in.”

On Abbie’s progress at MyGo, Tracy had this to say – “Seeing the positive outcome in Abbie has been truly amazing, it makes what we do here at MyGo so rewarding!”

Abbie is now looking to join the local Buddhist centre to further aid her mental health issues, and is on the lookout for other outdoors training and work experience to help her move towards her goal of being a conservationist.

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