Whilst caring for her Mum and Nan alongside suffering from G.A.D. (General Anxiety Disorder) and Depression, Sian was struggling to find employment. She came to MyGo looking for support in making a fresh start and progressing into her ideal area of work in childcare or healthcare.

Sian had the necessary training under her belt, having previously completed Level 1 and 2 Childcare courses whilst studying with NACRO Training and Suffolk New College, but was lacking the personalised support needed to help her progress into sustainable employment.

MyGo Coach Denise worked one-to-one with Sian, mapping a clear route of progression and helping to improve her self-confidence and outlook for the future. Meanwhile, the MyGo Training Team supported Sian in enhancing her CV, tailoring it to her desired career path in healthcare.

Sian was referred to MyGo Partners Woodlands for much-needed counselling support and F1 Training to upskill her Maths qualifications. She also worked closely with Lee from Talent Match during onsite drop in sessions at MyGo, he further helped her with CV skills, interview skills and the job application process.

After a successful application and interview Sian is now volunteering as a PLT Carer at Sherrington House, a local Care Home in Ipswich.

  Denise  - MyGo Coach

Denise - MyGo Coach

“If I didn’t get the help from MyGo to introduce me to Talent Match I would still be where I was a few months ago. I wasn’t feeling motivated but my coach Denise and Lee from Talent Match made me feel very motivated by helping me get into volunteering.” – Sian

“Sian has been great to work with, she knows what she wants and was a pleasure to support. She’s put in a lot of effort and deserves all the luck she gets!” – Lee

“Sian has come a long way since I first met her. As soon as she was ready to engage I introduced her to Talent Match who have given her the extra support and commitment she needed – she is so much more confident now!” – Denise