Chloe Collett  - Hairdressing Apprentice, 16, Ipswich

Chloe Collett - Hairdressing Apprentice, 16, Ipswich

Like so many young people leaving high school, Chloe was lacking routine, vision and motivation. She was feeling lost and without direction due to little employability support provided at her school and the lack of opportunities available in the Hair & Beauty industry at the moment.

After applying for local vacancies with no success, Chloe’s confidence had hit a low point. MyGo Coach Rodney helped her to understand how to job search more effectively and the application process for the jobs she wanted to apply for.  They formed a personal development plan, the end goal being to get a job in doing what she loves best - hairdressing.

Rodney referred Chloe onto MyPath, a comprehensive 3-week employability course, hosted by MyGo Trainers Megan and Scott. Chloe took part in sessions such as writing a good CV; improving her interview skills and her confidence began to improve throughout the course.  She completed the course feeling fully motivated and encouraged by the Training Team.

With renewed positivity Chloe felt she could now speak to employers with confidence and she was determined to find work.  After approaching Baiss & Co, a local hairdressing company, about a position they had available, she was asked to come back for an interview on the spot.  The following week she was offered a work trial where she hugely impressed them.

Chloe is now officially employed at Baiss & Co and is completing her Level 2 NVQ Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

We asked Chloe to sum up her experience at MyGo in a single sentence: “A fantastic experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone”.

Proud of the progress Chloe made during her time at MyGo, Trainers Megan and Scott had this to say:

  Megan  - Senior Trainer

Megan - Senior Trainer

“Chloe has been an absolute pleasure to teach and has engaged in all sessions.

It has been brilliant so see her confidence go up and up throughout the sessions, and for her to see the potential that we recognised from day 1.

Best of luck with everything Chloe!” – Megan

  Scott  - Trainer

Scott - Trainer

“One of the youngest people we have had on MyPath, Chloe has proved to everyone that grit and determination gets you what you want in life.

It wasn’t easy for Chloe as she had an unfortunate experience of a work placement falling through prior to joining MyGo. However, she remained resilient and determined to pursue what she wanted to do.

So well done Chloe, you really are an inspiration to others and a true success story for MyGo.” – Scott