Tatiana with MyGo coaches Lisa & Denise

Tatiana with MyGo coaches Lisa & Denise

Tatiana came to MyGo unsure of the kind of job she wanted and how to go about finding it. Hindered by the fact that many employers required proof of her eligibility to work in the UK, an expensive certificate she could not afford, Tatiana’s aspirations and motivation to find a career were dwindling.

MyGo Coaches, Denise and Lisa, worked alongside Tatiana to identify the career routes and opportunities available to her. With her strong personality and amiable nature they felt she would be best suited to sales, recruitment and customer service roles.

Tatiana went on to complete a three week employability course at the centre called MyPath where she built up skills relating to completing application forms, CVs, interviews, elevator pitches, the Hidden Job Market and much more.

Due to unreliable transport and no income, MyGo funded Tatiana’s travel to the numerous job interviews she was offered; a direct result of the personal 1-2-1 career coaching and exclusive local vacancies sourced through MyGo.

Now, with a clear focus of where her career was heading and how she planned to get there, Tatiana aced her interviews and was successfully offered a full time contract at a local telecommunications company, as a Call Transfer Executive at Call Connections.

“Over the past few months, I have felt fully supported by all the MyGo staff, especially Lisa and Denise. I have gained a lot more confidence in myself due to their expertise, making me truly believe in myself and what I can accomplish. I’ve really enjoyed our chats and appreciate their words of wisdom – it feels like I’ve gained two extra mums!” – Tatiana, MyGo Customer

“It was a pleasure working with a very ambitious and career minded individual. Tatiana’s main barriers were deciding on a direction to take her career and make the most of her skills.” – Lisa Fryer, MyGo Coach

“As coaches we supported Tatiana in weighing up the pros and cons of each job vacancy and advised her in making the appropriate career choices given her circumstances. We’re wishing her all the best for the future!” – Denise, MyGo Coach