Having finished college, spending months applying for jobs by himself - Ryan was at the end of his rope and confidence was low.

  R  yan Gant, 18  - Ipswich, Suffolk

Ryan Gant, 18 - Ipswich, Suffolk

Friendly, smart and willing, it was clear 18 year old Ryan wanted to find work. Having tried applying for hundreds of jobs by himself with no success, his dream of working as a train driver seemed more and more distant.

Then he found MyGo. His personal career coach George helped him to quickly identify the obstacles he faced previously in applying for work, and arranged with him personal employability training to sharpen his skills, improve his confidence and help him to show his value to local employers. George, as his coach also worked with Ryan on setting realistic expectations and the types of jobs he had been applying for, so realistic goals were set.

This included MyGo courses such as MyCV, MyInterview and MyInfo. Now, armed to the teeth with quality career advice professional employability training and 1-2-1 coaching, Ryan was ready to tackle the next step in his journey. Knowing he had to be at least 21 to become a qualified train driver, Ryan’s main goal was to find full-time sustainable work to bolster his expertise and improve his overall work experience for future job opportunities.

Despite attending the MyInterview which Ryan found extremely useful, interviews were still a real challenge.  It was noticed that when asked tough questions Ryan struggled to articulate his transferable skills and link his work history with the jobs he was applying for. His coach became aware of this through working with him and picked this up directly with our trainer Scott, who worked with him on a 1-2-1 to ensure these challenges were overcome.

After being one of the few put forward for an exclusive pre-screening session for Toys R Us, Ryan bagged himself a 1-2-1 Interview. Putting all of his new-found knowledge and skills to the test he had been offered a full-time role with the well-known retail chain.

However Ryan wasn’t going to stop there. To further prepare for his dream of driving trains, his coach George arranged for Ryan a volunteering role at the local Ipswich Transport Museum, famous for its historic records and features pieces of locomotives throughout history.

 George Driver - MyGo Coach

George Driver - MyGo Coach

“I’m thankful for the help MyGo has offered me, the MyCV session was really helpful and I’d highly recommend it” - Said Ryan. “Having computers to access for job searching and research is handy, and I really appreciate how all interviews were arranged on-site at the MyGo centre”.

George Driver, Ryan’s career coach at MyGo, had this to say – “Ryan is an extremely proactive young man who spoke passionately about his hobbies, interests and career aspirations.”

“It was an absolute please to work with him and all credit should go to Ryan for obtaining the employment with Toys R Us.”