When Sophia had just moved to Suffolk after her last job contract came to an end, she was looking for some solid advice & guidance for applying for jobs in the local area.

  Sophia Hinkley  - 20, Ipswich

Sophia Hinkley - 20, Ipswich

With a passion for face-to-face communication and customer service; Denise, Sophia’s coach at MyGo, saw great potential in Sophia. Sophia promptly completed MyStart, an introductory training session at MyGo welcoming new customers to the centre, introducing what tools, training and facilities are available to them.

“When Sophia first came into MyGo we knew she wouldn’t have any trouble finding work. She was very positive, enthusiastic and she was open to the idea of new challenges.” – Denise Cornish, Sophia’s coach.

With a bright smile and a warm, welcoming nature Sophia’s attitude to work did not go unnoticed – she was offered an exclusive work trial as a Customer Engagement Officer by senior management at the MyGo Ipswich centre.

A week later and Sophia had become the official face of MyGo. Now employed full-time as Customer Engagement Officer; Sophia now greets and coordinates all customers, employers and partners visiting the centre.

  Denise Cornish  - MyGo Coach

Denise Cornish - MyGo Coach

“I’ve had a really positive experience at MyGo. All the coaches are really helpful and eager to find you employment” Sophia said. “They were always telling me about suitable positions which made me enthusiastic to apply. I can’t believe I was in full-time employment within 2 weeks of being at MyGo. I can’t recommend them enough!”

“We had a vacancy open up here at MyGo that I immediately felt she would be great at, so after setting up an interview with the manager, and a short work trial, she was offered a full-time job here at MyGo – well done Sophia!” - Denise