Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome when he was a child, Martin Chester has faced enormous challenges to be given the respect and opportunities that most people take for granted.

 Martin Chester - 22, Felixstowe, Suffolk

Martin Chester - 22, Felixstowe, Suffolk

The neurological condition that causes uncontrollable tics left him so drained of confidence and constantly fearful of being judged that, at 22, he’d never had an interview for a paid job.

However, that didn’t stop Martin from being one of the hardest working and most inspiring customers that MyGo has ever seen. When we first met him, Martin was determined to find himself a permanent job and to work with people who embraced his difficulties and wanted to understand his Tourette’s before judging him. This had already led him to confront his challenges and give up his time to take a number of volunteering roles to gain experience of the working world.

Our focus to was make sure that we gained Martin’s trust and his advisor Aimee Hayes worked on building a rapport with Martin so that he felt more comfortable in meetings. This meant that his tics were less frequent, and he gained enough confidence to start a temporary job at a local farm. Aimee also helped Martin complete a CV which reflected the skills he’d gained through his voluntary work, and when MyGo hosted interviews for TK Maxx at our Ipswich base, Martin was able to get valuable interview experience, putting himself out of his comfort zone and meeting new people.

Martin was thrilled when his hard work paid off and he was offered full-time paid employment at McDonalds in Felixstowe. He’s now using the experience as a great stepping stone towards his dream of running his own business restoring bicycles and scooters when he’s older. 

He said: “My experience of MyGo has been really good. My friend initially told me about MyGo and referred me. Now that I’ve got the job I feel I don’t have to hold back because of my condition. I’m really chuffed. Volunteering gets a bit boring after a while but now I know I can get a job and I don’t have to hide anymore.”

  Aimee Hayes  - MyGo Coach

Aimee Hayes - MyGo Coach

Aimee couldn’t be more pleased for Martin. She said: “I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication Martin has shown in finding a full time job. He has been a pleasure to work with. He has been volunteering for years and was more than ready to start working full time he just needed an employer that would give him the opportunity without prejudging him due to his Tourette’s.”

“I know Martin will do well in his new role and I hope this gives him the confidence he needs to know he can do it and that his condition doesn’t have to hold him back anymore.”